What is the perfect life, and if it exists, how do we go about pursuing the attaining of it – or is it something that can be attained?  We are commanded in the Bible, Therefore be perfect, just as your heavenly father is perfect. [1]

Being a Kingdom-minded person, I believe the answer is that through my relationship with him, God is making me perfect, but I am not perfect yet.  But what does it mean to be perfect?  I consider this passage to be helpful in understanding perfection:

This is true perfection:  not to avoid a wicked life because like slaves we servilely fear punishment, nor to do good because we hope for rewards, as if cashing in on the virtuous life by some business-like arrangement.  On the contrary, disregarding all those things for which we hope and which have been reserved by promise, we regard falling from God’s friendship as the only thing dreadful and we consider becoming God’s friend the only thing worthy of honor and desire.  This, as I have said, is the perfection of life. [2]

Sounds nice, huh?  Being God’s friend that is.  I find myself this morning trying to understand what that means.  I think about other friendships that I have, and find myself comparing my friends to people I know things about – perhaps distant acquaintances.  What are the differences between my friends and my acquaintances?  Where does my relationship with God line up in light of this?  Is God my friend, or is he simply someone that I know things about?

I resolve that friendship with God is my goal – it is that which I press on toward, forgetting what lies behind.  I want not to simply learn more about God – but to know God more.

[1] Matthew 5:48 
[2] Gregory of Nyssa (edited by Richard J. Foster and James Bryan Smith),Devotional Classics (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 2005), 126-127

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