Okay, so I didn’t say which Saturday before dinner to come back on… 🙂

I have just taken part in quite a week!  We have begun building children’s classrooms at our church – two stories with three classrooms on the bottom, two on top, and then a small storage area.  The first phase is to complete the three classrooms on the bottom.  We have one room ready for tomorrow – which is really exciting!

As I have worked on the designing, framing, electrical and other aspects of these classrooms, I have realized what a joy it is to get to be creative in this way.  As a musician, I experience creativity in the typical artistic expressions, but this week getting to build has been awesome – probably something I could see myself doing for a living – if I could make what I do in the software industry, have the flexibility to work from home…  oh wait.  Darn.  I knew I’d find some not so compelling attributes.

Nonetheless, I have enjoyed the opportunity to create, and have imagined those rooms filled with children experiencing God as I have prayed over studs as they are being nailed in place, sheets of drywall being attached to those studs with screws using one of my favorite tools – the cordless impact driver (you must try one sometime – then you’ll probably feel as I – you must have one!).

I am thankful that God has poured out creativity and given us the tools and canvases to use to exercise that creativity.


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