For: The Institute Of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies, St. Stephen’s University, Essentials Blue Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt

A good cigar, a good beer (mingled with sips of my wife’s very nice Pinot Noir), some great conversation with a good friend.  What a way to end a week.  Even in the midst of relaxation and unwinding, I have found that I just can’t help but notice my ears are aching to hear the echoes.  What an incredible life-transforming process I have engaged in.

The echoes I am describing are discussed in a book by N.T. Wright entitled Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense.  The echoes are those of God’s voice in this world, which can be found in: the longing for justice, the quest for spirituality, the hunger for relationships, and the delight in beauty.

I’ve not been one to spend a lot of time in reflection.  As it may have seemed, life is simply too short!  There are too many things that need to be done, and spending time reflecting won’t be very fruitful since I’ll be distracted by things waiting for my attention.

What a difference this week has made.  I find myself in a completely different paradigm.  One in which I feel that life is too short to not stop and listen for God’s voice echoing throughout the earth.  It’s one thing to sing about His voice echoing throughout the earth, but a completely different experience to stop and actually listen for it.

One of the stops on our regular Wednesday evening outreaches is a park in an area near our church called the Devil’s Triangle.  This week I was blessed in particular by two encounters I had.  One was with a drunk.  He and I carried on in conversation for a few minutes, much of which I was the recipient of him speaking blessing to me.  Not an expected source – for sure.

The other encounter was with a schizophrenic I know from prior park encounters who was able to explain his journey and some life stories with the clearest mind I’ve ever witnessed from him.  He explained to me the ways that God is working in his life.  Our visit ended with him asking me to pray for him to be healed of his schizophrenia.  Crazy – or not so crazy.

In the end, as I reflect back on this week, I have not only heard the echoes of God’s longing for justice in this world, but I have seen and even been able to be a part His justice taking place.  I’m beginning to form the belief that I experienced this in a deeper way due in large part to being specifically focused on it (or perhaps being more aware of its resonation within me).  As my listening for the other echoes comes more into focus, I look forward with both curiousity and anticipation of how much more of God I will be aware of and experience in the familiar places, and not so familiar.  I am especially looking forward to our worship service this Sunday.  I’m ready to take this baby out for a spin! 🙂